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Extreme Messes

  • Tackle Your Toughest Kitchen Messes

    There are some meals that make bigger messes than others. Fortunately, new Scotch-Brite® Extreme Scrub Products are here to make them disappear.

    • Avoid smelly sponge odors
    • More scrubbing power

    Scotch-Brite Extreme cleaning tools contain an antimicrobial agent that provides product protection against bacterial odors. This product does not protect users or others from food-borne or disease causing bacteria. Clean thoroughly after each use.

Caked on and Burnt Gunk


Extreme Messes

  • 1. Caked on Enchiladas

    The cheesy, gooey deliciousness of enchiladas are worth the baked-on mess they leave behind. Now with the Extreme Scrub Sponge,cleaning that mess has never been easier. No presoaking needed. Just add a few drops of dish soap to your baking dish and scrub under hot water.

    Use on glass and ceramic bakeware.

  • 2. Burnt Gunk in Bottom of Pan

    Its happened to all of us: sauce or oil burns and fuses itself to the bottom of your favorite pan. It's the worst! But Extreme is here to save us. Fill that pan (or pot) with hot water and scrub with the Extreme Scrub Dishwand.If that doesn't work, bring the water to boil, then pour it out and scrub.

    Use on uncoated pots and pans. Do not use on coated or non-stick surfaces.

Dirty Blender


  • 3. A Blender Full of Hardened Smoothie Residue

    Smoothies are so healthy. And so messy. The Extreme Scrub Dishwandgets in those hard-to-clean, caked-on places without having to dismantle the whole blender.

    Use on glass blender only.

  • 4. Crusted Stovetop Spills

    A well-loved stove is going to collect some stains from pasta boilovers and stir-fry splatters. Get rid of them quick by taking your Extreme Scrub Scour Padand adding a few drops of dish soap.

    Use on non-glass stovetops only.

Shine Pad


  • 5. Dull, Stained Pots and Pans

    Tired of those water stains and blackened burner marks? Shine your copper base pots and pans with Extreme Shine Pad.No cleaning solution needed. Just use the pad and your cookware will shine like new.

    Use on copper base cookware.

  • 6. Sticky Carmel Sauce

    Homemade caramel corn is one of life's guilty pleasures. And one of the messiest. Next time, let your Extreme Scrub Spongedo the heavy lifting. A few drops of dish soap and hot water is all it takes for caramel-free bliss.

    Use on uncoated pots and pans. Do not use on coated or non-stick surfaces.

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