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A Cleaner Microwave in Minutes

A Cleaner Microwave in Minutes

  • Contributed by Tammilee Tillison of Tammilee Tips

    Clean the microwave with these quick and easy tips! DIY Microwave Cleaner Recipe!

    The microwave...saver of time, sanity and some days the lifeblood of the kitchen. For some reason, the microwave seems to be my least favorite thing to clean in the kitchen. Maybe it is the scary splatter from spaghetti sauce, the unknown dark blobs of who knows what in the corner or just the overall contouring you have to do to get in each nook and cranny of it.

    Today we are sharing quick and easy tips for going from scary microwave to sparkling clean microwave in less than 10 minutes. Scary stuck on splatter is no match for this DIY Microwave Cleaner! (Oh my gosh I can't believe we are showing a pic of our dirty microwave)

Microwave Vinegar
  • Microwave the vinegar and water mixture for 5 minutes and then leave the door closed for a minute or 2. If your microwave has really stuck on food or gunk you can leave it for a few extra minutes so the steam really penetrates. Just don't leave it so long it starts to dry up.

    Grab your Scotch-Brite Extreme Scrub Spongeto wipe out all the gunk from inside the microwave. It is so nice that this Extreme Scrub Spongeis treated to resist bacterial odors and has 4x the scrubbing power of the next leading brand on tough, baked-on messes which is not only perfect for cleaning the microwave, but helps us easily handle dish washing every single time!

  • Plus it has a great scrubber side and a sponge side to get to all the baked-on messes! Speaking of baked-on messes, forget leaving those dishes to soak in (and stink up) the sink. The sponge allows you to quickly and easily scrub away the gunk so you can feel good about an empty sink. I digress, but now back to the microwave…

    After a few minutes, wipe down the front and top and you are done! The microwave will sparkle and look amazing!

    Now it’s time to sit back and relax because #CleanFeelsGood!

  • DIY Microwave Cleaner

    • 2 cups water

    • 2 tablespoons vinegar

    • 1 drop lemon essential oil

    • The lemon essential oil helps make it so your microwave doesn't smell like vinegar. If you don't have any don't worry it is not needed for cleaning.
  • Directions


  • 1.

    Pour water, vinegar and lemon essential oils in a microwavable bowl.

  • 2.

    Microwave for 5 minutes. Keep the microwave door closed for 1-2 minutes afterwards so the steam gets into the stuck on gunk

  • 3.

    Wipe down the microwave with your Scotch-Brite Extreme Scrub Sponge

  • 4.

    Wash the glass plate in the sink or dishwasher and replace back in microwave

  • 5.

    Stand back and smile as you look upon your clean microwave!

    This post has been adapted by Tammilee Tilison from the original, which you may read on http://www.tammileetips.com/2015/11/clean-the-microwave-with-these-quick-and-easy-tips-diy-microwave-cleaner-recipe/

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